Lascaux caves

Just 10 minutes from La Bouquerie campsite, the internationally famous town of Montignac in Dordogne opens its gates and its treasure.

In Montignac, the Lascaux Cave with its cave paintings await you! Come and meet the most creative of our ancestors, the Cro-Magnons! Discover their works at the heart of the Vézère valley in Dordogne. The original site is closed to the public to preserve the works from damage. But the Lascaux Cave II gives visitors the chance to admire an identical replica of the Lascaux site. Specialists used the same techniques and the same pigments to create Lascaux II. As you descend into the cave, you will travel way back in time and hear a host of fascinating stories. The Lascaux Cave II is accessible to children.

Not far from your campsite near Lascaux, Lascaux IV will soon be opening to the public! Don’t miss the chance to admire Cro-Magnon art in Perigord.