At the Dordogne campsite, the days follow the natural rhythms. Dordogne is an age-old region, a valley listed as an Art and History site, with a whole host of incredible places to explore and fall in love with at first sight. The weather is never too cold or too hot – a great advantage for holidaymakers camping in the region.

The Vézère valley also has no less than 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Enough to spend some great holidays in Dordogne!

La Bouquerie campsite is just 800 metres from Saint Geniès, 13 km from Sarlat and 10 km from Montignac with the famous Lascaux Caves. And nearby your Dordogne campsite there are many chateaux, 10 villages ranked as The Most Beautiful Villages in France and Périgueux too.

Do you know the origin of the word Cro-Magnon? Cro is the name for the shelter where people lived in the region in the prehistoric era, and Magnon is the name of the owner of the land where it was found. So now you know… It would make a good question at the “Apéro Quiz”, don’t you think?

Your camping holidays in Dordogne won’t be complete if you don’t take the time to taste what makes our region’s reputation: foie gras, wine and truffles!